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Sedona Office Accounting Software

CentraLarm Monitoring is excited to offer you SedonaOffice, a fully-      integrated, industry specific, back office software suite that  allows you to manage your business better than ever. As a result of our strategic alliance with SedonaOffice, we are able to offer a feature rich, hosted solution that is also integrated with the information stored within our Bold Technologies ‘Manitou’ alarm automation system.

Integrate. Streamline. Simplify.

SedonaOffice integrates your billing collections, service management, job costing, inventory, general ledger and more into one easy-to-use application. Ultimately, it allows you to get the information you need to improve your efficiencies, streamline your operations, and maximize your profitability. Another benefit of our strategic alliance with both Bold Technologies and SedonaOffice is the ability to update both accounting and monitoring automation information in one easy step. No more having to enter the same exact data into more than one system, day after day.

Loaded with the features you need.

Customer Explorer: Features a graphical approach that makes it easy to manage and support your customers and “see” your customers like never before.

Recurring Revenue Management: Makes it easier than ever to manage your recurring data, evaluate business growth, and learn why you might be losing customers.

Simplified Monthly Billing: Allows you to generate your recurring monthly bills with just a few keystrokes and reduce the time it takes to receive payment from customers.

Service Management: Helps you improve customer service, by ensuring that customer service requests are handled quickly and efficiently.


Add-on Modules.

Enhance your overall experience with the advanced functionality of:

• SedonaEmail

• SedonaFSU (Field Service Unit)

• SedonaDocs

• SedonaWeb


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