Alarm Monitoring
You're protected 24/7 365 Days a year


Enhance your level of security by having a digital monitoring system installed in your home or business. This system will instantly alert our Central Station in the event of an emergency or threatening situation, such as:

•   Fire  •   Carbon Monoxide •  Burglary  

•  Medical Alert  •  Openings and Closings  

•  Water pressure change  •  Gas leak  

•  Sprinkler mishaps  •  Temperature changes



With high-speed internet connectivity becoming more and more common in homes and businesses, your alarm system has a new, secure way to communicate with the Central Station. By utilizing your existing high-speed internet connection, your alarm system will alert the Central Station instantaneously in the event of an emergency just as it would if it were dialing in over a phone line, but with the speed of the internet and the security of a supervised, secure connection.



It has become increasingly common for perpetrators to cut telephone lines before breaking and entering or your traditional phone line may have been replaced with a technology that is not compatible with your present alarm system.  As a result, when an alarm is activated, the authorities won’t be notified. To protect you against such an occurrence, Centra-Larm Monitoring has several wireless solutions available to you such as our AES two-way supervised radio network, DSC GSM radios, Alarmnet GSM radios & more. Any of these wireless solutions will provide you with an effective back-up to traditional telephone line communication which can be so vulnerable to burglars.