Elevator Monitoring
Immediate emergency calls with no waiting.

You’re probably aware that many central stations offer Elevator Phone Monitoring. But did you know that this is a MANUAL process for those central stations? Basically, they take the inbound phone call, then physically generate a manual alarm within their alarm automation system. This enables them to service that account while the person calling with the emergency is forced to wait.

At Centralarm Monitoring, we’ve taken this service to the next level by completely automating the process. The benefit? You get a seamless solution for all Caller-ID or DNIS-based emergency phone calls.

Here’s how it works: When the emergency call comes in from the elevator, the DNIS and/or caller ID automatically generates an alarm signal within our alarm automation system. Within seconds, that signal is presented to the dispatch agent and the call is immediately transferred to their workstation. There is NO manual process of any kind!