(Mobile Personal Emergency Response System)

Introducing Centralarm’s latest service offering – the My-911 MPERS (Mobile Personal Emergency Response System) available on any Smartphone, iPhone, and most standard feature phones.

  • SOS button connected directly to Centralarm’s Dispatch Center
  • Accident/Impact/Fall detection
  • Connects to your vehicle via Bluetooth dongle (available separately) for onboard diagnostics, airbag deployment reporting, speed, fuel level, etc.
  • Family/Friends contact list for auto-notification via text messaging for
    all event types
  • Traffic alerts                     • Cyber crime alerts
  • Weather updates              • And more!
  • No hardware costs to pass along to your customer
    – uses their existing cellular phone
  • No cellular plan rebilling to your customers
    – uses their existing cellular/data plan
  • No increase to your installation team
    – customer installs app on their phone themselves
  • Instant monthly revenue stream to you without adding a thing to
    your existing infrastructure