• UL Listed
• TMA 5 Diamond Certified
• MAMA Certified
• ESA Member

Primary/Secondary Facility Information:
  • (Site 1)Dual 45KW, Natural Gas & LP fed for fuel source redundancy, 3-phase Kohler generators supporting only the call centers for maximum power availability in an outage situation.
  • (Site 2) Dual 35KW LP fed Generac generators supporting the call centers for maximum power availability in an outage situation.
  • All systems/workstations at both facilities supported by dual-conversion, filtered/regulated APC UPS equipment.
  • Dual Avaya Definity telecommunications systems between the two facilities for both redundancy & survivability. Both systems act as a single entity under normal operation, but are 100% mirrored in real time and can act independently should the need arise.
  • Dual pairs of enterprise class Fortinet Firewalls – one pair at each site. All have high availability among them both between the pairs at each respective site as well as between the site pairs at both facilities for seamless protection/encryption all around.
  • All in-house networking resides on Cisco 2950 or higher gigabit routed switching with redundant switching in every server room all fed from the main telecommunications/networking room – also fully redundant at all levels.
  • All telecommunications/networking connectivity to the outside world resides on our dedicated, dual fiber optic fed with underground entrance, SONET ring technology for all T-3, T-1, DS-3 circuitry at both facilities.
  • Multi ISP (both facilities) solution with ARIN/BGP routing on a dedicated ‘class C/slant 24’ IP range for automatic IP traffic failover should any ISP carrier suffer an outage.
  • Multi-carrier long distance and local telecommunications solution with automatic rerouting capabilities among carriers to safeguard mission-critical alarm transmission/audio call communications.
  • RAID 10 Dell PowerEdge server arrays with mirrored at both facilities for guaranteed availability for all alarm dispatching on the Bold Technologies ‘Manitou’ alarm automation platform.
  • Remote access for all Dealers via URL, RDP, VPN, Wireless.